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Govcon Giants Podcast

Sep 2, 2019

One of the interesting things about Social Media is how far your voice travels.Apparently, there are no boundaries and I found this out by becoming acquittances with our guest.

 “Buongiorno Eric” the email reads, along with the subject line “From Italy”

Vicky Mangano reached out to me back at the end of 2018 all the way from Europe, Sicily, Italy to be specific. She was a consultant helping companies do business with the U.S. Government over in Italy, and she has been quite successful.

Her story is remarkable. She is well versed in our procurement process as well as in international registration.

In today’s episode we discussed how to do business internationally as a foreign entity. Vicky tells us about the international bid sites that are available and most importantly how American Firms can participate in working internationally.

Vicky generously gives of her skills, knowledge and resources. We can definitely all learn a lot from this Giant.


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