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Govcon Giants Podcast

Dec 31, 2019

In this last interview of 2019, our guest Merry Korn from Pearl Interactive Network

Tells us how she went from social worker to an experienced businesswoman in the federal arena. She encourages everyone to dream big and have a vision. Merry  takes us through her journey of her own vision turned to accomplishments.


Merry Korn, owner, an experienced businesswoman with a master’s degree in social work, honed her business skills as senior vice president of marketing for American Health Holding, Inc.  As part of a team of four founders, Merry grew American Health’s business from a startup company in 1993 to a firm that today has over 300 employees and 20 offices nationwide. In 2004, she founded Pearl Interactive Network, a social enterprise that blends a for-profit business with a social mission that provides work opportunities to the most challenged populations. Through Merry’s leadership, the company is scaling to 1,100 employees, and registered in 40 states. Pearl gained traction among the world’s largest federal government contractors and positioned the company as an expert comprehensive contact center and telehealth solutions firm that provides federal prime contractors with mandated certifications and DCAA-compliant accounting system. Merry and her team have launched Pearl TLC, a supportive care and remote monitoring solution, an end-to-end telehealth solution that combines people, process and technology to address the needs of patients with multiple chronic conditions. 

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