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Govcon Giants Podcast

Mar 9, 2021

Aliahu “Alli” Bey started his government contracting journey in 2015 after he was awarded a multi-million-dollar U.S. Air Force tactical weapons support contract. One portion of the contract provided cybersecurity on ruggedized deployable laptops.

Mr. Alli Bey reached out to a former business colleague, Adam Austin, owner of a cyber company in Pennsylvania. Mr. Austin’s experience and involvement was a no-brainer and he was promptly brought on as a partner that led to developing Totem’s Cybersecurity Planning Tool, a revolutionary organizational software that meshes perfectly with cybersecurity and compliance requirements for our existing DoD contracts.

Mr. Alli Bey, CEO of Haight Bey & Associates took expertise in supporting meteorological stations into a business. The veteran owned company specializes in industrial, commercial, and government systems sustainment and cybersecurity engineering solutions.

Mr. Alli believes that proper cybersecurity and compliance are much more than pretty packaging and eye-catching graphics. As they have been awarded and currently execute government contracts, they help others customize a plan to get their company up to speed. Their company also provides cybersecurity consulting and training services to help others get compliant and secure through a very competitive cost.