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Govcon Giants Podcast

Apr 13, 2021

Today’s interview, we talk about something very different. Emily Harman, has 38 years of service to the country as both a Naval Officer and civilian federal employee. Working hard and ultimately, retiring as a member of the Senior Executive Service in May 2019, the equivalent of a two star Admiral.

In her retirement, Emily did the inner work and learned a very valuable tool: listening to the guidance of her inner voice and her authentic self, to create a roadmap for an authentic and fulfilling life. In this episode, we talked about several things about mindset, finding your niche, discovering what you really want and the importance of positive intelligence.

Many of us are interested in only hearing the tactics and the technicalities in government contracting but it is really the mindset that we must first master before we can truly realize our authentic self and eventually pave our way into the ocean of opportunity that the government contracting has to offer.