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Govcon Giants Podcast

Apr 27, 2021

With more than $247M dollars thrown at training and education of small businesses and little thrown into marketing we try and help showcase the ups and down of the business of govcon. Each week we bring on a speaker who has been involved in either growth as a small business, supporting small and medium size businesses or creates opportunities for either of the two categories

In this episode, we bring you a 2-time guest, Matthew Schoonover, Principle of the law firm Schoonover and Moriarty. Matt has been supporting small businesses for more than a decade speaking, authoring legal news on the subject. On our first interview, episode 006 Back in 2019 we discussed Joint Ventures and Mentor Protege.

Matt has a wide experience representing individual and corporate clients in a range of litigation matters, including commercial litigation, insurance-defense actions, and intellectual property litigation. He practiced in pretrial litigation, and have experience preparing and responding to pleadings; conducting informal fact investigations and formal discovery, including taking and defending party and non-party depositions; motion practice; and advocating for clients at hearings and in mediation.

With that, we talked about expanding on the concept of joint ventures and the new Mentor Protege program. New rule and policy changes from the SBA and how it impacts small firms.

Listen to this valuable interview as this is a free knowledge lesson into how a small medium size business can really grow leveraging the current 2021 SBA programs. So, take notes and you will definitely pick up very important knowledge from this week’s guest.