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Govcon Giants Podcast

May 18, 2021

Today’s show is part 2 of a two part series with Roberta Moore. She had so many stories to share that we could not get the all into one single episode. 

For those of you who do not know, Ms. Moore began her career as a DoD civil servant for 10 years before opening her business, Amoorer Inc. embarked on her government contracting journey, providing healthcare staffing services back in 2002. She graduated from the 8a program in 2014 but prior to that was part of a group of business owners who all spun out of the same company. Presently that group have all started federal government contracting businesses.

The reason why I decided to bring Roberta back on the show was because she did not get into the details of some of her failure stories. I wanted her to fully explain some of the difficult moments during her journey. 

So in this interview we dive right into some of the challenging times stories that seams like its from out of a book. More soap opera and drama, but very real because it involves the harsh reality that one can face when hiring friends and not the best candidate. 

We are all growing our companies, and for that reason can learn life lessons from a variety of stories. This interview I believe will help someone make more sound decisions when growing out their team. I hope that you enjoy this episode with our next Giant, Ms. Roberta Moore.