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Govcon Giants Podcast

May 25, 2021

Ariela Wagner is the president and founder of SunRay Construction Solutions. She has over 14 years of construction industry experience. With the mission to be the best and easiest construction document service in the USA, SunRay secures the lien rights of general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers nationally and helps them get paid. 

For a nominal fee SunRay ensures that each required Preliminary Notice, Lien and Claim on Bond is carefully, thoroughly and timely executed as per the rules/laws of that state. Many small businesses are left with very little recourse once they run into a problem with a not so great contractor so they provided the solution by maintaining state-of-the-art Preliminary Notice/Notice to Owner system that ensures requests are sent on time, securing lien rights for subcontractors and suppliers throughout the country.

In this episode, Ariela and I discuss how small companies can stay protected during these difficult times when money is a scarce resource. I can tell you from someone who personally went through multiple instances of having to fight to get paid, this solution made a ton of sense to me. Her and I dig into her journey and back story of business hazing, litigation and climbing her way back to the top. 

Before we started recording Ariela assured me that nothing was off the table that was the green light I needed to ask away. Listen to my interesting conversation with our next giant, Ariela Wagner.