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Govcon Giants Podcast

Jul 22, 2021

You got your what? We're going to be talking about the hidden wins you need to create, from contact to contract. You’ll discover the concept of micro-wins (not micro-PURCHASES; something that comes even before THAT!) learn about the two types of wins you need to create with your buyers, and get the three GovCon checklists you’ll use to get you from takeoff to landing, so your business can soar.

In today’s interview with Judy Bradt we are discussing how to prepare for your call and get invited back. That’s right! Not just call call call, you want someone to call you back on the other end. Well in today’s 90 minute session Judy and I are going to discuss practical techniques and strategies for accomplishing just that. Stay tuned for today’s episode with my colleague Judy Bradt.

We have not covered 3 of the 4 part of my series with Judy and boy has it been a blast. If you missed the first parts, go back and look at episode 95 and 96. How to Win your Meeting and the 5 people you want to meet.

If you love Judy’s message, make sure to check her on her website summit insight, she is a regular on LI and puts on webinars, does coaching and a whole host of wonderful things for the Govcon community.