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Govcon Giants Podcast

Aug 31, 2021

We are doing something a little different in this episode, we do not have a special guest, but what I will be discussing is about the seven construction contract clauses that pose special challenges for contractors.

This is a Youtube live that I streamed back in July this year and the reason why I streamed it was as a response to the deadly collapse of the deadly Florida building and the reason for the episode is because I want for all the small business construction contractors and subcontractors out there to be aware of some of these potentially dangerous construction contract clauses.

I listed seven in this particular video but I discussed four other areas of concern outside of these seven construction clauses.

We decided to make it into an official podcast as we have a different audience to reach more people and so I hope as a result of listening to this episode, you may want to do something different and revisit some of your contracts.

I also give you strategies and things to consider and ways of approaching that. So tune in to this episode and get your notes ready.