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Govcon Giants Podcast

Sep 22, 2021

Our guest for this week’s episode, Mr. Eli LaSalle, is a GovCon Edu student that is into the commercial real estate investing. Eli shared his knowledge about a lot of new and interesting concepts of real estate investing that will peak your interest.

This episode may not be directly related to Government contracting but for the vast majority of folks that are very successful at the GovCon realm, the next arena that we go into is real estate investing.

Eli has founded Dynamic Property Concepts in 2012 as an independently owned and operated real estate, project management and construction services firm. Dynamic Property Concepts LLC (DPC) is a full service Real Estate development and Government Contractor. 

Their portfolio now includes residential, multi-use, and commercial development initiatives with the core value to deliver quality service to every client, every time, and everywhere.

Stay tuned in this episode with Eli and learn more about investing in commercial real estate.