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Govcon Giants Podcast

Oct 27, 2021

Today’s podcast guest Molly Mayhew is the founder and President of Mayhew Technology Solutions, a small business systems integrator supporting customers in the federal, state and local marketplace. She began Her career in the US Air Force as an Information Systems specialist, where she was introduced to the world of government contracting from the buyer perspective. Post-military, Mayhew was a leading member of the team who received the 1999 Tinker AFB Business Management Award, and the 2001 Air Force Productivity Excellence Award. Mayhew also was Verizon’s South Area B2B Sales ICON winner in both 2013 and 2014.

Molly was a Subject Matter Expert and program manager for a $35 million DoD communications platform consolidation that centralized operations at Andrews Air Force Base and integrated several systems and communications programs. After years of working as BD Manager, Sr. Account Exec, Strategic Mgr, Sales Mgr of Government sales for multiple entities she decided it was time to take the leap on her own. In 2017 she founded Mayhew Technology Solutions (MTS). 

MTS provides installation services for fiber optic, telecommunications, ISP, OSP, physical security, low voltage, audiovisual systems, and network management and operations services. They also have additional services that include facilities support, all other business support, consultation, analysis, design, and turn-key deployment, long-term service and maintenance, and temporary staffing services. MTS’s contracting expertise spans the federal, state, municipal and commercial market places. 

On today’s show you will hear how your skills from the military to private sector like Verizon and Graybar to being a mother are all transferable. You will learn how Molly came to the realization that it was time to make the leap and why she decided to do it now. Tune in for this upcoming episode with our latest Giant, Molly Mayhew.