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Govcon Giants Podcast

Dec 8, 2021

My guest for this week’s podcast episode is Talia Fox, the CEO of KUSI Global, Inc. A leadership strategist and a legacy builder, she has transformed thousands of executives over the last two decades in every sector, including major corporations in health, higher education, technology, and government.

Talia has assisted leaders in the development of innovative strategies for some of the most critical and complex missions globally, including defense, wealth inequalities, racial and social justice, aviation, and healthcare. She helps organizations maximize human potential by leveraging strategic intelligence and helps individuals and organizations foster connected cultures and promote conscious equity.

She has facilitated and designed thousands of interactive learning experiences that support cultural competence, organizational intelligence, productivity, and leadership strategies. Her trainings are widely sought after, and she has been invited to share her expertise in leadership and business strategies globally.

Tune in to this episode as Talia shares valuable tips from her leadership strategist experience, building your network, the importance of communications, and more.