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Govcon Giants Podcast

Dec 17, 2021

In this episode, my guest John Bowen is the President of Maintenance Services 360. Maintenance Services 360 LLC is an SBA HUB-Zone, FDOT DBE & Minority-Owned Economically Disadvantaged Small Business. 

John’s company is an established distributor for national manufacturers in industrial electrical parts, low voltage applications used for electric power transmission and OEM equipment solutions for rail automation and rail electrification. They also offer a comprehensive range of digital products and solutions, which are flexible and individually tailored to customer needs.

He is also the Vice President of Credit360, which was established to assist individuals restore their personal credit and to offer a complete line of business credit solutions. Credit360 is a financial services firm specializing in credit restoration and business consulting services. Through their guided strategies they have helped thousands of families and businesses to strengthen their financial portfolio.

Stay tuned in this episode as John shares really important information on how you can build your business credit and paydex score.