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Govcon Giants Podcast

Jan 7, 2022

For our inaugural January episode. We bring you Jackie Santisteban. 

Maria Martinez the host of Making a Giant podcast met Jackie at a Miami SAME event where she led the training session for contractors. Of course in typical Giant form she invited her to be on our show. 

Ms. Santisteban's held sales and management positions with major medical technology companies such as Abbott Laboratories and Somanetics. As the Military/Government Business Development Director for a major physical security company Ms. Santisteban developed a worldwide market and led a team that achieved $15 million in sales. 

As a result of her success, Ms. Santisteban realized that a broader market for similar business development and consulting services existed. Consequently, she started JBS Business Consulting to provide new or existing GSA contractors with a resource who can readily identify markets and sales opportunities in order to rapidly win incremental government business. 

Since its inception seven years ago, JBS consulting has worked with clients with specialties in physical security, antiterrorism and protection, aircraft maintenance and enhancements, logistics, IT, and more. As a spinoff she founded Anzen that trains military personnel in close quarters combat, weapons and defensive driving. 

Today Jackie and I get into what it takes to be a successful contractor at any level. She discusses how she sets up meetings for her clients with Admirals, Generals, KO, program managers and end users. 

Welcome our next Giant, Ms. Jackie Santisteban.