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Govcon Giants Podcast

Apr 13, 2022

Likia Hawkins is President and CEO of Steel Point Solutions, LLC, an Information Technology and Business Solutions provider that specializes in delivering digital transformation, cybersecurity, and professional services. Ms. Hawkins possesses a wealth of business ownership, technology, analytics, policy, an economic insight central to positioning the company as a boutique business disrupter in the public sector space. She represents an award-winning small business that is recognized in the public sector for its customer satisfaction and delivery excellence. Ms. Hawkins has over 25 years of experience managing and delivering enterprise information technology and business services and solutions for DoD and IC clients.

Additionally, Ms. Hawkins is highly experienced with the IC Information Technology Environment And with Digital TransformationTechnologies. She is adept at managing multiple projects while working with various stakeholders to accomplish mission objectives and maintain financial health across contracts with values upwards of $50M. Moreover, she leverages her awareness of automation technology, industry standards, and key partnerships to streamline processes and solve complex customer challenges.

Ms. Hawkins utilizes her experience as a government civilian, federal contractor,and entrepreneur to influence Steel Points Business strategies with a keen focus on operational efficiency, economic stewardship, relationship management, strategic teaming, and delivery excellence. Her leadership hasled other firms to receive several awards and recognitions from clients; sales totaling $37M; several industry certifications; and performance/customer satisfaction ratings of excellence where her firm was the prime contractor.

Some key takeaways from today’s episode to listen out for: talent acquisition ecosystem, strategic teaming, cross-domain solutions. Ms. Hawkins shared some tricks to evaluate cybersecurity companies, her three tenets to business building and how she set up her firm to success before starting her business.

Tune in to our next giant, Ms. Likia Hawkins.