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Govcon Giants Podcast

Jun 23, 2022

Today we are going to take it back, in this episode, we are going to re-introduce an amazing podcast guest that we had back in September we featured in Episode 69 Carol Craig from Craig Technologies.

If you guys don’t remember, this was a force that you had to know. Listening to this episode was an amazing experience, Carol Craig is the founder and CEO of Craig Technologies and Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions, which is headquartered in Merritt Island, Florida.

Just a few things about Carol, back in 1999 she started her business just by herself and she grew it to over 450 associates with revenues increasing over 40 million dollars. Also, Carol was the first woman that was eligible to fly and come back in the US Navy, she is also the first female aviator to join her P3C Orion Squadron.

She’s also won numerous awards, broke many records, starting back in the day when she was a trackstar, but her biggest accomplishment has been with her son. Seeing her son being diagnosed with a genetic disorder she has accomplished so much with him and for him.

So here we are again, it is a perfect timing to re-introduce our guest Carol Craig. Listen up and hear Eric and Carol discuss everything from earth to space.