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Govcon Giants Podcast

Nov 2, 2022

For the last four years, I’ve interviewed all types of companies across various industries and sectors serving the government. But every now and then you will find someone doing something unique in the space.

Lynn Petrazzuolo of Avanti Corporation has a unique offering that she's been providing for the last 35 years, in short, she’s provided federal agencies with environmental analysis that support their regulatory decisions. How much will it cost? What impacts could result? How might the environment benefit?and Can the industry meet those limits?

Solving environmental challenges for federal decision-makers is her passion. In fact, she's one of the very few people that I know outside of lawyers and doctors that use the degree she obtained in college for her life's journey.

She earned her BA in Environmental Sciences and went on to be an environmental scientist for others before finally launching out on her own. Today's guest Lynn shares the story of how she got into this field, why the work she does matter, how she overcome self doubt, the mentors she’s had in the past, organizations that help shape her career, who does her work impact (and i'll give you a little hint: she specializes in the energy related industries) also what happens to her work when congress administration change political seats, how she reduced an EPA  database search time from days to minutes and much much more 

Stay tuned for this episode with our next giant, Lynn Petrazzuolo.