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Govcon Giants Podcast

Feb 15, 2023

In this episode, we have Angela Chamberlain, founder of Kana Consulting. She was born in Manila and came to America when she was 6. Angela went to University in DC as a Business major and Division 1 athlete for Field Hockey. She worked in Finance / M&A in the corporate world for many years. While living in California she became a personal trainer and continued when moving to North Carolina.

How did she start her government contracting journey? She heard Eric on the Truck N Hustle podcast when she was trying to go into dispatching. She continued to listen to the podcast and then was introduced to government contracting.

In March 2022 she made $250 by bringing a sources sought to a potential client that was not ready to commit but paid for the information she gathered. The month right after, she started her consulting company. She continued learning and in May 2022, she attended a school event and met a couple that had a small business. Her husband then pushed her to tell them what she did and that was how she got her first client.

Angela continued learning and finding people who she can help and so one of her biggest wins came August 2022 where she received two awards as a subcontractor, the biggest projects for her client.

Tune in to this episode to learn more about Angela Chamberlain.