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Govcon Giants Podcast

Jun 28, 2023

Linda Rawson is a technology entrepreneur, author, inventor, and C-level executive.  Since 2006, she has owned and operated DynaGrace Enterprises, a Women-Owned Small Business in rural Morgan, Utah.  She started as a software engineer in the eighties when it was not typical for a woman in Utah.

She has received several awards for Davis/Morgan business of the year and wrote a very vulnerable book about grief.  Her background as a software engineer, combined with her corporate executive experience, merges the technical with the business world.   She has exceeded expectations and never let various challenges and obstacles associated with being a woman impede upon her path to success

In this episode we discuss her adventure navigating the 8a program. How she experienced success after finding a mentor/partner who showed her the ropes. Life after 8a and her latest invention; a weather station called the WeatherEgg.  She educates children about weather science through her coloring book and finds balance in life by traveling and participating in outdoor activities. She is pivoting her company into air quality.