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Govcon Giants Podcast

Aug 2, 2023

With more than 18 million veterans in the US, either you or someone you know will be able to benefit from the information we share in this upcoming episode.

Darcella Craven is the Chief Fear Conqueror and President of the Veteran Resource Business Center (VRBC), the nonprofit economic development agency assessing challenges and developing solutions to grow successful veteran-owned businesses and also immediate family members of veterans. Her organization services the areas of Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa region, but they're part of a larger nationwide network of veteran business outreach centers known as VBOC.

Before becoming part of the Veteran Resource Business Center (VRBC), Darcella Craven was an army veteran who later worked in different private entities for various administrative roles while also working as a faculty at Sanford Brown College. She also started her business but it failed, which made her pay the Internal Revenue Service a significant amount of money.

She didn’t want that to happen to other veterans. So, when an opportunity in helping  veterans came, she accepted it. She also volunteers on various nonprofit events that aim to promote entrepreneurship, provide job opportunities, and celebrate small business successes.