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Govcon Giants Podcast

Sep 13, 2023

Today's guests, Cesar Nader, CEO of X Corp solutions of Virginia is leading the charge and helping the small firm grow to the mid-tier level, harnessing the power of federal contracts. Mr. Cesar Nader is a highly sought out speaker and thought leader in the government contracting space.

You may have heard him speak at the National 8a Conference, HUBZone, Veterans in Business or Amex Open events. In 2011, mr. Nader retired from the Marines. And shortly thereafter started teaching military veterans how to transition at X Corp. He began his career as the director of business strategy. And over the next four years worked his way up to the president and CEO.

In today's episode, we discuss a wide range of topics, including how to break into an agency, how to land over 182 awards, why he made it his purpose to go after prime contracts relevant to capacity, how to handle matchmaking events, the importance of spending RFIs and the marvel name that they call X Corp employees.

X Corp solutions is a leader in the federal marketplace tackling the areas of intelligence, security and cyber, professional management integration facility, property management, training, and educational development. So let's welcome our next giant, Mr. Cesar Nader