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Govcon Giants Podcast

Sep 17, 2019

Today we are bringing you a treat with another woman “Giant” that is kicking butt and taking names in the biz. Patricia Bonilla, President of Lunacon Construction Group is from my 2nd favorite country in the world behind the United States, the Dominican Republic. She founded “Lunacon” in 2007, now has 5 office locations including Puerto Rico and serves more than 300 customers worldwide.

She is tremendously special for what she has accomplished (Woman Contractor of the Year, State of Florida Minority-Owned Business Person of the Year, Government Contractor of the Year, Good to Great, ABC’s in Excellence) and how she continues lead from giving back to her community.

Over the past decade, Lunacon has built an impressive resume of diverse company experiences, a long list of satisfied and repeat clients, and a bonding capacity of $15M single and $50 aggregate. Lunacon serves their clients with a commitment to excellence in every service that we deliver, and strives to be considered among the best construction contractors in the industry.

During the interview she discusses walking away from her job at a not so convenient time and the role of faith in her life and business.