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Govcon Giants Podcast

Sep 24, 2019

Corliss Udoema aka Mama U as many people call her holds a special place in my heart, Corliss is witty and humorous but the joke stops at the door of outside her office b/c when it comes to business she is as tough as they get. Her motto, “deliver excellence” and she expects that from all of her employees at Contract Solutions Inc. She is the Inc 5000 winner 2019 for the last consecutive 3 years, 2019 USDA SB Contractor of the year, 2017 Virginia State Small Business Person and has received 2 congressional awards. But more than her accolades she is a down to earth mother, grandmother, great grandmother, business owner and community leader. 

Corliss has over 35 years of contracting, training, and business development experience in the private and government sectors. In her professional career prior to founding CSI, Corliss traveled the world doing procurement for the US government in place like Japan, Italy and Puerto Rico. Her experiences include Legislative and Executive Government Acquisition, Business Development, Planning, Project Management, Logistics, Procurement Assessment, ResourceDevelopment, Career Development and Contractor Business Facilitation.


This episode is heartfelt, will make you laugh, teach you life lessons and business best practices. I would like to give a warm welcome to our next Giant, Corliss Udoema.