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Govcon Giants Podcast

Apr 20, 2021

In this episode we feature Miguel Sanchez. After discovering my videos while living in New York Miguel decides he wants to get into truck delivery providing courier services to the government. After months of no results he decided to switch gears and pursue the consulting route.

In his research he learned that IT was a major marketplace with opportunity galore. I know how some people can see it as intimidating considering the size and scale of the contracts. Not Miguel, he decided that’s exactly where he fit in and went on his journey to find a partner company that was up for the task.

After a few tries he found a partner who was currently doing IT projects but not maximizing their capabilities. With the knowledge he gained working directly with Maria hand in hand he was able to start pursuing some fairly substantial projects.

Without spoiling the rest of the story he ended up landing something major. The part that I want to share with folks is that when you invest in yourself and your education it pays back dividends. If you are sitting on the sideline waiting for all the answers, for some magic bullet to show up, trying for years unsuccessfully maybe it’s time you found a new approach.

Followed a mentor that has been where you’ve been, experienced some of the same setbacks. We showcase these real human stories to give you a sense of what’s possible. But none of this would not have happened if they did not invest in self education.