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Govcon Giants Podcast

Jun 8, 2021

Today’s guest, Nicole Sharp founded her company Griffin Consulting Partners in 2017. Though she formed the corporation, it wasn’t until a few years ago that she decided to go full time and really work on the business.

GCP offers solutions in the fed health space and work with companies looking to grow and get into the space. With the mission to combine analytical thinking and intuitive understanding to unleash the full potential of their customers by delivering uniquely tailored consultancy services that are research-based, practice-informed, and results-oriented. Her current clients include VA, military health services throughout DOD, State and local hospitals.

Prior to founding her business Nicole worked at Accenture, B A H, and Kelly Services three large defense contractors. But it was her decision to quit her job and focus on growing her business that changed it all. For the first 6 months she did spend time with friends and simply focused on learning everything about the business. She created a vision board, set her 12 month, 5year and 10 year goals and went to work.

What is so humbling about Nicole was that even after winning her first contract she wondered how she got here. If that seems like an all too familiar circumstance of imposter syndrome stay tuned to this episode to hear what she did next and how she overcame it. I hope that you enjoy this upcoming episode as we take you through the journey of one of our very own GovconEDU alumni.