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Govcon Giants Podcast

Oct 19, 2021

In today’s episode, Mike Cantave shares his background story as an immigrant to this country who was raised in Canada. He came to the United States for college where he would eventually meet his lovely wife. Later he went on to eventually become a pilot and start his government contracting business. Today he has 3 planes and is continuing to grow his contracting business with his wife and kids plus a sales staff that he built from scratch.

Mike is the President of the 2Lyons Aerospace LLC, since 2014, they have been in the business of supplying airlines worldwide quality aviation spare parts in a timely, cost effective manner. They cater and provide spare parts, repair management, professional services or government procurement.

When 2Lyons Aerospace first started out, Mike’s vision was to contribute honesty, personal pride, hard work and transparency to an industry where things are not always so transparent. 

They now serve customers literally all over the world, now able to turn their passion into what they do everyday. Looking for innovative ways to serve our clients and their business needs.

Enjoy this episode with Mike Cantave while he is interviewed by Maria Martinez