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Govcon Giants Podcast

Jan 6, 2021

Hey GovCon Giants today, we are mixing things up a little bit. Starting this month, we will be featuring an all-new podcast that we call Making A Giant. That's right, Making A Giant. This podcast will showcase persons, businesses who got their very first win, not their 10th contract, not some large multi-million dollar contract, but their very first one.

In today's very first episode of Making A Giant, we feature someone who I know as the Mad Guitarist. Chris Facey joined Govcon EDU, and on our weekly Tuesday calls always has a guitar or series of guitars and his background. He's a freight broker and was helping my company, Evankoff ship out critical PPE during the midst of the global pandemic. Well, one day while Chris was watching a video clip from Wesley, the 16-year-old military contractor, he became inspired to stop just learning and decide to take action. He found a transportation readiness contract on beta.sam, that his team qualified for, and he decided to pursue it. With my help and the sample proposals from inside the courses, he was able to a respond and qualify for the final awardees list.  And a few weeks later, he was notified that he at one, a spot on the $21 million IDIQ, transportation readiness contract.

Stay tuned for this upcoming episode between Maria and Chris discussing all of the details that took place in between.