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Govcon Giants Podcast

Mar 3, 2021

In today’s episode of Making a Giant we present to you veteran business owner Liseth Velez, CEO of LJV Development. She has recently become a superstar at the Govcon EDU breakout sessions as her company continues to land contract after contract both at the federal and state government levels.

Started out in the military as an HVAC Technician, Liseth is no stranger to hardwork or the construction industry. When she formed her company LJV, she immediately started to win small projects and dove into the private sector flipping homes. Yet even with her past experience and revenue under her belt, the government sector was risk averse and wanted to see more.

I remember the very first time meeting her at a conference here in South Florida where I moderated a panel discussing government contracting. Miss Velez attended the conference while she was supposed to be recovering from a recent surgery and was walking on crutches. She literally Uber-ed 45 minutes from her hotel to Miami to attend an event in another city exposing herself to like minded individuals which I would say is pretty remarkable.

Many of us out there would rather make excuses than to do the hard work. Liseth did the opposite. She took advantage of her time off and used it to help catapult her business, I knew at that point she would be a star in the making. Learning that she was in the construction industry serving New England as do I, we exchanged information and has been friends since that day. I’m so happy for her success and can’t wait to see what the next few years has in store for LJV.

Over the next 60 minutes, Maria and Liseth discuss her early beginnings as a newly formed company with no federal past performance doing all that she can to get early wins. Enjoy this episode with the two of my favorite students Maria and Liseth.