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Govcon Giants Podcast

Dec 22, 2021

My guest in this week’s podcast, Martha Daniel whom I had the pleasure to meet at the VIB Conference San Diego transformed Information Management Resources, Inc. (IMRI) into an award winning service disabled veteran business. 

She originally founded the company with a partner and after they separated she had to buy the company back from the original partner. With no money, she had to find a creative way to pull it off. Learn how she was able to raise the capital necessary to buy her ex partner out and take full control of the company. 

In 1996 she entered the 8a program winning her first contract with DISA. At one point she remembers a CO asking her what type of vehicle she had and thought what a strange question when we are discussing my company’s capabilities. 

Does this sound familiar? If you're like most of us, the beginning stages are a whirlwind of mumbo jumbo, but you must stay the course. 

I asked her what changed since being in the business for 30+ years. What training did she have that helped her succeed all these years, and what should successful entrepreneurs fear the most personally, professionally and emotionally. 

She tells me the two things that were hard when she started, that still remain a challenge today, how she obtained her first past performance, when did she start hiring people and recommendations for the next generation of small businesses. 

As an industry veteran you would be wise to open your ears, close your mouths, relax your mind and focus on Martha’s wisdom for the next 90 minutes. 

Let’s welcome our next Giant, Martha Daniel.