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Govcon Giants Podcast

Apr 28, 2022

Jackson Dalton and I met at the VIB Conference in San Diego California last year. During that time he was being celebrated as the VIB Advocate for winning the John K. Lopez Award!

Jackson Dalton, a Marine Veteran and owner of Black Box Safety, was providing PPE to government agencies before the Pandemic. As fate would have it when Covid19 struck, his company was in line for the huge tailwind of opportunity coming his way.

But that is not how he started. Jackson a former 3M Corporate Safety Engineer tells the tale of how he first got started with no past performance, no experience and a big dream. Sounds like most of us out here taking a chance on our business and ourselves.

In today’s episode Jackson and I discuss how entrepreneurs can position themselves to be in line for the next wave of opportunity in the government contracting arena.

Founded in 2017 Black Box Safety is authorized by manufacturers to distribute safety equipment such as eye, face, and head protection; hearing protection; respiratory protection, hand protection, foot protection, and high-visibility garments such as vests and jackets.

Stay tuned for this candid chat with our next Giant, Jackson Dalton.