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Govcon Giants Podcast

Apr 5, 2023

Today's guest is Lori Smith, founder of Acu-Elligent LLC, a consulting agency specialized in helping small businesses successfully obtain government contracts. With 40+ years of experience as a Procurement decision maker & Contracting Officer, Lori provides insider perspective and guidance to navigate the government marketplace. In this episode, Lori shares her insights and tips on how to successfully win federal, state & local contracts for your business.

Lori is committed to helping black women-owned and other small businesses obtain lucrative contracts and simplify the federal contracting process. She also shares her journey from federal service to founding Acu-Elligent LLC, highlighting the difficulties small businesses often face when trying to secure government contracts. She explains how her team of seasoned business strategists collaborates to develop cost-effective solutions that help companies achieve their contracting goals.

Navigating the government marketplace can be a challenging and complex process, but with Lori's insights and guidance, small businesses can successfully win government contracts. So let’s welcome our next Giant, Lori Smith.