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Govcon Giants Podcast

Apr 6, 2021

In today’s Making A Giant episode, our guest Raffa Gibbard is the CEO of Brave Once Contract Agency. She has over ten years experience in both construction and contracting with the Army. With her experience, Raffa understands what the customer needs and she knows how to supply it in a timely efficient manner.

In 2019 Raffa came on to the scene as a GCG helping share her knowledge of the VA Entrepreneur / Employment Track. As a veteran she was able to successfully have the government help reimburse her for her training that we provided.

Since that time, Raffa has partnered with several GCG students to get her first and second contracts. Following that initial past performance, she received a call from a federal agency for her first direct award. But that’s not where her story ends, Raffa continued to build on the successes of the past leading up to 7 contracts during a pandemic and now is being approached by a large company to partner on even bigger contracts.

Stay tuned to hear a powerful conversation between Maria Martinez and Raffa Gibbard on momentum propelling future success.